AfroSFv3: African Science Fiction Anthology – Submission Deadline, Dec 1, 2016

Space, the astronomical wilderness that has enthralled our minds since we first looked up in wonder. We are ineffably drawn to it, and equally terrified by it. We have created endless mythologies, new sciences, and even religions, in the quest to understand it. We know more now than ever before and are taking our first real steps. What will become of us out there, will we thrive, will we meet a larger community more diverse than anything we could have imagined, what will be our place in that, or are we destined to be the first interstellar species, how will space change us, how will we change it? We know not, yet, but we can stargaze.

AfroSFv3 is going out there, into the great beyond, and we invite you to write the ride. We’re looking for anything you can imagine beyond the Earth and into the future, be it a decade or aeons.

Works submitted may be: Science Fiction short stories only as per the theme and guidelines.

1) Only African writers are eligible (writers born in Africa, or having domiciled in for over 10 years, and/or holding citizenship in an African country)

2) The submitted work must be an original work, nothing that infringes the copyright of, or is derived from, another author’s work of fiction, is overly lewd, hate speech, etc.

3) Must be unpublished (not previously published in print or online).

4) No simultaneous submissions (only submitted to AfroSF and no other publications).

5) No multiple submissions (submit only one work).

6) Single works with multiple authors will be considered as long as they all meet our African writer criteria.

7) Submission format: UK English, double line spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt.

8) Deadline for submissions is 1st December 2016.

9) Story word count: minimum 2000 maximum 10000.

Go here to submit your story. Hurry!