Old Photographs – Hannah Onoguwe

By Hannah Onoguwe The chair shifts and I recall it is the one with an unstable leg. But it is too late to get another. No...
Blood Ties By Ronke Adeleke

Blood Ties – Ronke Adeleke

By Ronke Adeleke This child will die. This child will die and it will be my fault, I say, rocking back and forth on the...
Baby Bones Omenana 10

Baby Bones – Eugene Odogwu

Omenana Issue 9

Editorial for Issue 9


Typewriter [English Version]

By Rèlme Divingu Translated from the French with the help of the Harrap’s Shorter Dictionary. In the near future. “Hello, dear viewers! Today, we are happy to welcome...

The Strange Case of Mary Carter

By Toby Bennett Blood tickled the edge of Mary’s lip; rough wood prickled against her back, snagging on the fabric of her school uniform. Her...

Underworld 101

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Omenana Issue 9

Omenana Issue 8, Nov 2016

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